MEMforce It's about people
MEMforce is our latest product from over two decades of previous product development and experience working with Membership based organisations.


Built on the proven platform, it's both secure and reliable.


100% Web based, MEMforce is available anywhere the internet is. PC, Mac and Linux are all supported, as are all the current browser technologies including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Fexibility is assured, as we are able to tailor every implementation to match you requirements. Page layouts, forms and reports can all be quickly and easily modified to suit your usage.


Workflows and alerts can be defined to match your organisations business rules. For example, set time limits to respond to Members for certain types of calls to the call centre.


Create you own reports or draw from the extensive library of report included with your MEMforce license.


Of course, there is also all the features you'd expect from a modern membership management solution.


Flexible Subscription Management, including support for all the popular payment methods such as Deductions, Direct Debit, b-Pay, statement, credit cards and more.


Contact management, with a call centre module to handle both inbound and outbound calls and optional scripting for campaign related calls.


Legal Cases are able to managed using our case management module. Setup contract timeline alerts and manage contract life cycles.


A full featured event management module provides features for managing all events, from small training sessions through to large conventions. Linked to the Call Centre you can use calling campaigns to register attendees for events.


Merchandise sales are catered for with our product sales module.


Accreditation programmes can be managed using MEMforce's accreditation module. Members can accrue points for their participation in Accreditation programmes, which are also able to be linked with other aspects of MEMforce, such as Events.


Demographics functions provide a fully open-ended data collection tool to facilitate your marketing and campaign activities.


One of our latest features is our member to member connections function. Using M2M you can link members to other members, in an open way which allows you to build networks of related members for campaigning or marketing activities.


MEMforce is a comprehensive subscription management CRM. Contact us and we'll be happy to arrange a onsite presentation.

Always current version
Our development team has programme of continued enhancement and development of MEMforce to ensure you always have a system which is up to date and feature rich..
We keep you informed with regular email updates to let you know which new features are coming your way in the next release.
Our clients help determine future product direction through our ideas site and general feedback.

Security and Reliability

Not words to be taken lightly. We are committed to protection of your data and system availability when you need it.

Security operates right down to individual field level on all pages and on all elements of data.
High Availability Uptime is assured through the platform's network of global data-centres and the option of an onsite data replication.